How does Ferro-grad C® work and when do I use it?

Has your doctor recommended a therapeutic oral iron supplement? Here’s a quick guide to Ferro-grad C®, which is used to prevent and treat tiredness and fatigue associated with iron deficiency.1

What is Ferro-grad C® used for?

Ferro-grad C® may be used if your doctor diagnoses iron deficiency and recommends that you take a therapeutic oral iron supplement.2

How is iron deficiency diagnosed?

Your doctor may send you for a blood test if you are feeling fatigued. They will also ask you questions about:

  • Your diet and lifestyle;
  • If you have heavy periods;
  • If you take any medication;
  • Other medical conditions you might have; and
  • Anything else that helps to diagnose and exclude potential conditions with similar symptoms. Remember that iron deficiency is not usually the final diagnosis in and of itself. It's important that the cause is known and addressed, and your doctor's goal will be to identify the cause.2

What are risk factors for iron deficiency?

Iron deficiency occurs when the stores of iron in your body are too low. Causes and contributing factors may include:2

  • Pregnancy
  • Heavy periods
  • A vegetarian, vegan diet or restricted diet
  • Being a top-class athlete
  • Being an Indigenous Australian
  • Being institutionalised or socially disadvantaged
  • Other factors not listed here

Please see your doctor if you are concerned. Remember, once identified, iron deficiency can be treated.2

What’s in Ferro-grad C®

Ferro-grad C® provides you with a combination of ferrous sulfate (iron) and sodium ascorbate (vitamin C). It has a modified-release formula to reduce the likelihood of gastro-intestinal side effects.1,3 The Vitamin C helps you absorb the iron.4

Should I start Ferro-grad C® before seeing a doctor?

No, oral iron therapy should not be started without a doctor’s confirmation, because the symptoms of iron deficiency are also symptoms of other conditions.

That's why a doctor's diagnosis is so important; to exclude those other conditions, and to make sure the right treatment is recommended for your body, catering to your needs with the right dose.

How long should I take Ferro-grad C®

Ferro-grad C® is usually taken for three to six months, but your doctor might advise a different treatment duration. It can take time to replenish your iron levels, so it's important to complete the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor may want to check the iron levels in your blood before ending your treatment, so don’t stop taking iron unless you discuss it with your doctor first.4

Do not take Ferro-grad C for more than 12 months except on medical advice.


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