Take the guesswork out of choosing a therapeutic oral iron supplement

As iron supplements are available without prescription, it can be tempting to self-diagnose and self-medicate. However, this is never a good idea. Read on as we help you take the guesswork out of treating iron deficiency.

Don’t self-treat

It may be tempting to self-diagnose and self-medicate if you have symptoms of iron deficiency, such as ongoing tiredness and fatigue.1 However, iron deficiency is not trivial2 and self-diagnosis and self-treatment can have unintended consequences. These can include:

  • Underdosing. Iron deficiency is a potentially serious condition and requires the care of a doctor. Most over-the-counter products in pharmacies and health shops don’t have enough iron to treat medically diagnosed iron deficiency.3
  • Incorrect treatment. The only way to diagnose iron deficiency is with a blood test.2 An incorrect self-diagnosis could mean delaying diagnosis and treatment of the actual cause of your symptoms.
  • Untreated causes. If your doctor diagnoses iron deficiency, they will investigate the cause and possibly refer you to a specialist for treatment. Some causes of iron deficiency can include inadequate dietary iron, gastro-intestinal disorders, pregnancy, heavy periods and other issues.3
Taking unnecessary iron can be harmful. Speaking to your GP when you suspect iron deficiency and getting an accurate diagnosis and evidence-based treatment plan is always the way to go!

Choose the right dose after diagnosis

There are more than 100 iron supplements available in Australia, but most lack the recommended dose of elemental iron for the oral treatment of medically diagnosed iron deficiency.3

With a therapeutic dose of 105 mg of elemental iron, you can trust Ferro-grad C® to provide you with the dose you need if your doctor recommends a therapeutic oral iron supplement for medically diagnosed iron deficiency.1,2

Here are four reasons why Ferro-grad C® is your first choice for medically diagnosed iron deficiency:

  1. A therapeutic dose1,2
  2. GradumetTM technology to prevent the immediate dumping of ferrous sulfate into the stomach, which can help to reduce the chances of gastric side effects.4-6
  3. Convenience of one tablet a day1
  4. An adequate amount of Vitamin C to aid absorption7,8

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