Australians share four points about their iron deficiency

Viatris commissioned researchers to ask 503 women and men about their iron deficiency journey. Here are their insights.

About the survey

We commissioned market researchers to ask Australians aged 18 to 40 a series of questions about their iron deficiency journey. The gender split of the 503 participants was 70% women, 29% men and 1% other. They all had a previous medical diagnosis of iron deficiency and participated in the survey in December 2020 or January 2021.1

Do oral iron supplements help improve quality of life?

Almost nine out of ten of the survey respondents agreed with the following statement: “I feel that my quality of life has improved after taking oral iron supplements.”

Two symptoms of iron deficiency that Ferro-grad C® helps treat are tiredness and fatigue.2 Of course, these may have a significant impact on your quality of life, including your ability to work, exercise and enjoy your day.

Medical diagnosis is important

Four out of five respondents agreed with the following statement: “It’s important to get diagnosed professionally so you know the correct product to treat your iron deficiency with.”

A correct diagnosis is crucial so that your doctor can recommend the most appropriate treatment for your individual circumstances. Your doctor will also want to find out the root cause of your iron deficiency.3

Something to remember is that not all oral iron supplements available in Australia are designed to treat medically diagnosed iron deficiency.4 You can be confident that Ferro-grad C® has a therapeutic dose in one convenient tablet a day.2

What was the favoured supplement choice?

Ferro-grad C® was the most common answer to the following question: “What brand of therapeutic oral iron supplement have you used to treat your diagnosed iron deficiency?”

This result is also supported by Australian sales data that shows Ferro-grad C® is Australia’s No.1 selling therapeutic oral iron supplement.5



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