Taking care of me – Why Georgia Love is making self-care a priority

It’s not normal to constantly feel tired and fatigued, says Ferro-grad C® ambassador Georgia Love

Message for Australian women

Ferro-grad C® ambassador Georgia Love has a message for the women of Australia: It’s not normal to feel constantly tired and run down.

That’s something Georgia knows from her own experience with iron deficiency.
She became sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, so she went to her GP for help. “I needed an answer about why I was feeling that way.

“I’m so pleased I did. She diagnosed iron deficiency, and everything started getting better from there. My diagnosis made all the difference.”

Partner in healthcare

Georgia’s iron deficiency journey showed her just how important it is to listen to your body and to include your GP as a partner in your healthcare.

“I check in with my doctor to make sure that I am on track and everything I am doing for my body is correct.”
With access to so much information at our fingertips, it can sometimes be difficult to know who to take advice from. But your GP knows you and your own circumstances. So, when it comes to making decisions regarding your health, they’re the best person to listen to. As Georgia says, “they care about you and not the trends or the fads that are going around”.

Georgia chose Ferro-grad C®

Georgia’s doctor suggested that she take a therapeutic oral iron supplement to treat her iron deficiency, and Georgia started taking Ferro-grad C®.

“It’s so easy to fit it into my daily self-care routine along with exercise such as running and Pilates and, importantly, good restful sleep.

“Even though I have my old self back, I still take Ferro-grad C® every day. I will only stop taking it when my doctor says I don’t need it anymore. That’s important because feeling better doesn’t necessarily mean your body’s iron levels are back to normal yet.

“Everyone is different, so I listen to my GP about how long to be on Ferro-grad C® for.”

Taking care of me

Georgia iron deficiency journey serves as a reminder to make her own health and well-being a priority, no matter how many things she has on her plate. And she thinks that’s advice everyone should take to heart.
“You don’t have to be super busy to prove yourself. You don’t have to burn the candle at both ends. People are saying to themselves: I deserve to take care of me! It’s all about self-care and taking care of yourself.”

FGC-2021-0102. August 2021

Georgia Love is a Ferro-grad C® Ambassador.