Why Ferro-grad C® is a first-line treatment for iron deficiency

We explain what a first-line treatment is and why Ferro-grad C® is an excellent first choice

What does first-line mean?

You may have heard that Ferro-grad C® is a first-line treatment for medically diagnosed iron deficiency where an oral supplement is recommended.1,2 But what does first-line treatment actually mean?
The Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary describes first-line as first choice.3 This means Ferro-grad C® can be a first-choice oral iron treatment for you.

Why Ferro-grad C® is first-line

Ferro-grad C® contains modified release Ferrous sulfate, which provides 105mg of elemental iron per tablet. According to the Australian treatment guidelines, this is an appropriate daily therapeutic oral dose for an adult to treat diagnosed iron deficiency.1
In line with the guidelines, your healthcare professional may recommend Ferro-grad C® as soon as you are medically diagnosed with iron deficiency.
You would not usually take a second-line oral treatment, like one that contains iron polymaltose2, unless your healthcare professional believes there is a reason you shouldn’t take a first-line option or until you have tried a first-line option.
By the way, Ferro-grad C® also contains vitamin C, which helps your body absorb iron.4,5

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Other reasons to choose Ferro-grad C® first

  • One convenient tablet a day.4
  • Modified release formulation using Gradumet technology to prevent all the iron supplement from going into your stomach at the same time. This means Ferro-grad C® is designed to be better tolerated for your digestive system compared to immediate-release ferrous sulfate, and may help prevent unwanted side effects.6,7,8
  • Australia’s top-selling, first-choice therapeutic oral iron supplement.9

First things first

While we are on the subject of firsts, remember that the first thing you should do is see your GP if you are concerned about iron deficiency. Iron treatment is not something you should attempt on your own.

Your doctor will send you for a simple blood test to check your iron levels and recommend appropriate treatment based on your results.


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